What are BG Products?

BG Products are advanced Flushing, Maintenance and Lubricating chemicals.

Over the years we have tried many leading products in a effort to offer our customers both preventative maintenance and cleaning of vital components in situ in a effort to keep down costs.

In early 2011 we were approached by BG to try their products with the usual glowing reports from the Rep (heard it all before) and a offer to test them on our own cars. (not something i have not heard before)

"BG Products were formed in 1972 in Wichita, Kansas. Our goal, from the outset, was to develop the best products in their respective field. They have developed world leading products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines."

We checked out the products online and found glowing reports so we took them up on the offer. The following week both myself and Wayne had our vehicles BG'D i own a Mitsubishi L200D Animal with 58000 mikes on the clock and Wayne a Golf MK4. with 76000 miles on the clock, the full service of engine flush induction flush and power steering flush were carried out. with the emissions, compression figures taken before for comparison, the engine flush does what it says on the can except from our experience the chemicals used did a far better job than the previous product, to the point of dipping my oil 4 weeks later it was still clear as though i had only just put the oil in. using a boroscope we checked out the EGR valve Prior and Post cleaning along with Throttle flaps etc, and i can only say we were VERY impressed. the power steering flush and replacement with BG Steering Fluid made the steering lighter and more responsive as well. the compression figures rose by approx.. 10/15% but the best was we are getting better fuel consumption again between 8-12%.

I decided to take on the products and "give it a go", i must say that we have all been impressed with the results obtained and the service our Rep/Advisor Rob has given us if theres a issue he's on our doorstep from Whitstable to assist, something i have never experience in 28 years of owning this business.

Our customers have been happy as we have not had to dismantle a great many cars to clean/replace EGR valves and throttle bodies, or sell them particulate filters and cat's as BG have products that cover all these issues, thats not to say its worked on every vehicle as milage and driving style has as lot to do with the build up of carbon deposits, but the products clean the components effectively once we have removed them.

Some weeks later a good friend of mine Frank Massey one of the countries Leading Diagnostic Technicians carried out a test on the product for his auto-inform magazine and concluded that its a good product that does what it says on the can. This can be seen HERE.

Coupled with the Lifetime Protection plan you cant go wrong.



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