Diagnostics & Repair

Modern vehcles have been fitted with on-board diagnostics (OBD) computers since their advent in the early 1980's. The amount of information available to any particular system can vary but all will pinpont not only failures in the engine system but also provide invaluable information in regard to the performace and wear on the components.

An illuminated light on on your dashboard could be the first sign that the OBD has encountered an issue with the engine. Simply clearing the error (and light) isn't advisable as the underlying issue won't have been dealt with. Hooking the on board computer up to our extensive diagnostic equipment provides us with a wealth of information direct from the vehicle itself on its general health and performance and is often the first port of call when it comes to diagnosing faults or generally improving the performance of an engine.

  • Engine Warning Light
    Often this will be the first sign that there's an issue with your engine and means the OBD has detected a potential fault with the engine's emissions. The root of the issue could be almost anything as engines today are extremely complex and until we examine this alongside the fault codes we won't know for sure.
  • Other Faults
    There are many warning lights on the dash today to indicate various faults with the large array of systems on today’s vehicles, these include ABS, Traction control, Air Bags to name but a few. To assist in diagnosing the fault we must connect the vehicle to the relevant manufacturer computer and retrieve information, we then need to carry out some old fashion detective work to get to the root cause. Despite Popular believe there IS NOT a vehicle yet that indicates the component to change, only which component is seeing the fault. *
  • Intermittent fault finding
    Although these can be tricky and time-consuiming to track down an error that appears randomly and then appears to go away just as quickly can often point to issues with the OBD, a sensor malfunction or contamination of the test area. We've the tools and expertise to diagnose these issues and, hopefully, resolve the problem both quickly and painlessly.

At Nev'll Fix It we have all of the equipment as well as the experience to do a full vehicle diagnostics test. Call in or contact us today to get your engine tested and any issues fixed.


  • Engine diagnostics
  • ESP/ABS faults
  • Airbag faults
  • Traction control systems
  • Air suspension faults
  • Common rail diesel faults
  • EGR faults
  • Turbo faults
  • Software upgrades

* Thanks to ADS for the inspiration for this text.


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