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The images above are just a small selection of what we see in our workshop. At Nev'll Fix It, we endeavour to clean these parts to ensure the correct operation of the engine.

The problems shown in these images tend to occur because of the long service intervals recommended by the manufacturer based on trying to sell the car to lease companies, and the short stop-start driving done by the majority of us today.

In an effort to bring emissions down and make for more environmentally friendly vehicles, car engines are now designed with what is known as lean-burn technology, which in some cars involves four different fuelling strategies based on throttle position, engine speed, road speed and many sensors and flaps. This, therefore, requires better engine maintenance which unfortunately does not tend to happen.

If you are doing approximately 10,000 miles a year with a great amount of motorway driving as per the reps then generally all will be well. However, with high street driving, school runs and shopping, the cleaning processes built into the vehicle, known as regeneration, does not occur as the catalytic converter or the Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) never reaches the required temperature of 350 degrees. This then leads to a build-up of carbon in all areas of the engine and exhaust system and causes some serious problems, which in turn leads to increased fuel consumption, poor running, and disintegration of components.

At Nev'll Fix It we offer a full DPF cleaning service using state of the art BG cleaning products. After spending many years researching a product that will assist with the cleaning and prevention of the carbon build-up and disintegration of engine components, we found that nothing else compared to BG cleaning products.

As an AA Certified Garage, Castrol Workshop and an RAC Approved Garage, Nev'll Fix It is proud to provide car repairs and servicing in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas, providing only the highest standards of workmanship and using only the best quality lubricants in your vehicle. We are also part of the Servicesure network, which means that all our work is guaranteed for 12 months by their National Warranty Scheme, giving you that extra peace of mind.

To find out more about DPF Cleaning in Tonbridge, get in touch online or call us directly on 01732 350500

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