Interim Service from £240.88

The main differences between an Interim and Full service:

INTERIM is primarily an oil and filter change, and safety-related visual checks on lights, tyres, wipers, washers, brakes etc. NO wheels are removed.

FULL Service is approximately 1 hr longer and added to the interim. The AIR FILTER is changed, ALL wheels are removed.

All brakes are physically checked for wear and freedom of movement and functionality and also measured. The composition of the brake fluid and antifreeze are checked to ensure they can do their jobs correctly. All steering and suspension joints are checked for wear and tear and the gearbox and axle oil levels are checked. A/C checked for functionality and vent temperature. Computer systems are scanned for codes or impending problems. Many other items are checked and lubricated on top of what is done in the Interim Service.

Not all dealers or garages remove wheels for an inspection on the brakes and rely solely on a visual inspection. Brakes are a critical item and at Nev'll Fix It we insist on removing all wheels. We carry out a physical check on the brakes to check they are functioning correctly and not seized and to take measurements, then check and compare against dealer specifications.

NOTE: A dealer generally will want to replace discs and pads if they feel that they will not complete the next 10,000 miles or more between now and your next service, but they may be only 50-60% worn and you only do 3/4000 PA so this would be wasteful and unnecessary. Nev'll Fix It will inform you, and suggest we keep check so as to enable more cost-effective motoring.

Manufacturers suggest at certain mileages additional things like spark plugs, fuel filter, brake fluid, gearbox oil, and pollen filters are changed. These are checked against the manufacturer’s information and the customer is informed if there are any additional recommendations. These would be an addition to the service and would be costed accordingly for the customer and they then decide if to move forward.

All faults are videoed and sent to the customer so they can see the faults indicated.

We can also off 4 months’ interest-free credit to help spread the costs.

We offer courtesy cars.

ALL our services include a Tunap Oil Flush, Tunap Fuel Additive and Tunap Oil System Protection to help prevent carbon build-up and loss of performance.

Please note: due to the requirements of specialist oils in some vehicles, and the global fluctuations of oil prices, service prices may vary from those stated.

Every car that comes in for a service gets a free complimentary valet.

We are also the only independent garage to offer our unique personnel 12-month, 12,000-mile National Warranty.

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